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Thursday, September 4, 2008


While i was thinking what to post in this blog for today. I stumbled on something that makes me laugh every time i think of it. Recently, my friend celebrated his 20th birthday. We make a surprise party for him. We put so many colorful balloons to make the party more cheerful. One of my friend can't stand to be in the room that is full of balloons because he is afraid of it. He is so phobia with balloon because when he was a kid, someone blow a balloon near his ears so he will always remember the blew balloons every time he sees a balloon. His fear is based on his Episodic Knowledge.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bad Mood!

I am so mad. I'm a mad Med. I just lost 15% out of 50% (statistical agrument) marks for my assignment. It is because of my friend's fault. Its a group assignment. But, he didn't completed his part! Other group members also felt the same way as i did. He defended himself by blaming others too. He is using Tu Quoque in this argument.


Listen to you.

My Assumption for this song

This song is about a man that still really love his ex-girlfriend. He just can't live without her and he still need her in his life. Everybody is just so worry about him and they all are talking about this man who is waiting for something that seems will never coming back. He will not moving from where he is sitting because it is the place where he first met the girl. He will never move and stop waiting for the girl until he meets again with the girl that he love. Poor guy.



Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bazaar Ramadhan!

Not Everybody is fasting here. =)

So many, crowded but great and variety!

Today,everyone is back from their holiday. Me and my friends are going to bazaar Ramadhan to buy some food for break fast. It is a tradition for the malays to go to the bazaar during Ramadhan. Most people will go to the bazaar to buy drinks, foods such as ayam percik, nasi dagang, roti john and etc. This is related to ad populum appeal to tradition when everybody is doing the same thing.

Its, makan time!



Its your brain, not the eyes.

What can i describe in this two pictures? Don't believe your eyes. =))

This picture looks like a person who is climbing a very high hill or a mountain.

Well,this looks like the people just fell and they are trying to stand up.

Funny? This is Cognitive complexity.